about us

Geo Seafood was incorporated in the year 1970 and has ever since emerged as the notable producer of seafood and aquaculture stocks in India. We specialize in supplying fresh, frozen, cooked and processed IQF products which are handled in world class facilities using top-notch technology. We strive to go the extra mile to ensure unsurpassed qualified, timely delivery and exceptional customer service.

Geo Seafood is adorned with an in-house management team capable of incorporating comprehensive approach throughout the stages of sourcing, procurement, processing, stocking, packaging and delivery of seafood products to ensure that they are in compliance with International Standards. The huge share of the overall procurement process is from dedicated suppliers whose expertise benefits both local population and International seafood lovers network. Besides the skilled suppliers we also have a fleet of highly insulated and refrigerated vehicles plying through the coast land of Kochi.

Our factories are well-equipped to feed the growing seafood needs of the global client base.The seamless integration of hi-tech infrastructure facilitates, the smooth running of processing plants and enabling production units with modernized machinery accelerate the overall productivity which helps us to meet the variegated demands of the clientele.

We have emerged as the finest seafood exporter accredited by EEC and Green Channel Facility from US Food Authority. We believe that quality is an everyday practice and our profound adherence to International quality standards gained us wider acceptance from the global market. The policies designed by our top-tier management ensure the quality of all our products throughout the entire supply chain. We strictly implement the HACCP food safety system in every stage of production and our products are approved by the USFDA & European Commission, Russia, China and other non-EU countries.


To exceed customer expectation consistently through unwavering commitment and innovation in harmony with the environment.


To emerge as the leading global supplier of exotic marine products to meet the needs of the rising seafood consumer network and to cultivate a sustainable ocean environment.



K.G lawrence

Geo Seafoods, the flagship organization of Geo Seafoods Group, is one of the major producers and exporters of freshly frozen marine food products, owning one of the largest plants in Kerala. Geo Seafoods established its operations on 21st June 1970, and soon build a niche position in the industry through quality of work, reliable customer service and timely delivery of products by maintaining the highest standards.

I am K G Lawrence, the Chairman and Managing Partner of Geo Seafoods. I am proud to say that I have inherited the industrial culture and business acumen from my illustrious father late Shri. K.J.Varuthukutty and elder brothers. It was my earnest endeavor to bring Geo Seafoods to the forefront of the seafood industry and I succeeded in it.

For over the last five decades, Geo Seafoods have been serving the finest quality seafood products to millions of dining tables across the globe. Built on the traditional values of commitment, quality and service, the Group has now become the processors and exporters of a wide range of seafood products serving a huge customer base worldwide. Product procurement is our forte and the company possesses the expertise to identify promising , new, and high-quality products and bring them to the market at the right time, at affordable prices. Moreover, while understanding the importance of sustainable fisheries, the company also co-ordinates with the efforts of Government and other organizations to train the fishermen in this area.

Now, a wide range of products from Geo Seafoods can be found in supermarkets across the world, and its customers include many of the world’s leading multiple retailers, food industries, wholesalers and distributors. The ready-to-eat varieties launched by the group have made their way to prominent supermarkets like Wal-Mart. It is our mission to deliver seafood that retains fresh taste and is reliable in terms of food grade standards. Therefore, the products are manufactured in HACCP-based systems and approved by USA- FDA and European Union.